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In 1977 I purchased a used 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500. Pimento in color, it was my first convertible and I had the best of times driving that car. Being young and foolish I sold the car in 1980 and have longed for one ever since.After looking for about 2 years I purchased another Spitfire; 20 years later. It's a 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500, blue with a beige interior. I was lucky to find a vehicle pretty close to the condition (and mileage!) of the one I sold back in 1980. I am now in the process of preparing to put it on the road and recapturing the fun of summer driving.I've included some new amongst the old ones for those of you who are interested. Since the Spitfire turned 25 years in age it is now considered an antique and qualifies for antique registration in Connecticut, USA.



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After being without a Spitfire for so long, I figured the parts availability and cost would be much worse than it was back in the 1980's. To my surprise I found the prices now cheaper and the availability better...for the most part. My last memory of purchasing an individual Spitfire part was the muffler. Back then the muffler cost $125 (when typical mufflers were $18!) and took over a week to get. I recently purchased a new muffler for $90 and it was delivered within 3 days.

I believe the Internet has played a key role in keeping cars like the Spitfire alive and well. There are now so many sites available, ranging from specification pages, parts suppliers, clubs and organizations, personal pages and one must not forget eBay, that information and parts are readily available. Finding one such site at Eric Kieboom's personal page, I contacted friends in Sheffield, England who checked out "The Spitfire Graveyard" for me.

To my wife's dismay, our next trip to England will include a sightseeing tour of this wonderful, indoor junkyard! I'm sure I'll even find some "souvenirs" to purchase and bring home!


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